Parallax Puppetry

An experiment in making pictures move

Photography & Video:  Iona Spence
Music:  Call To Mind
This was an experiment using 2.5D/Parallax effect and the puppet tool on some of my music photography.
The techniques have been around for quite a while and I’d experimented previously using the parallax effect but never with the added puppetry element. 

For me, the most time-consuming part was judging the amount of “puppetry” to use. I had seen other examples where the movement is quite prominent, effectively giving the photography the appearance of super slow-motion footage. I was wanting to try something a bit more subtle, retaining the feeling of stills photography but with a hint of something more going on.

Thanks to Call To Mind for the epic music. Song used is "A Family Sketch" taken from their forthcoming album The Winter is White. You can find them here
Here are the stills featured -
Adam Stafford // Electric Circus 
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir // Belladrum Festival
Ocean Colour Scene // Belladrum Festival
Pendulum // Rockness Festival
Neil Hannon // Belladrum Festival
The Signal // Press Shot
Mothercoat // Rockness Festival
Ocean Colour Scene // Belladrum Festival
Crowd // Rockness Festival
Crystal Castles // Rockness Festival
Friendly Fires // Rockness Festival
Crowd // Belladrum Festival
Editors // Belladrum Festival
Frightened Rabbit // Belladrum Festival
Nouvelle Vague // Belladrum Festival

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