Green Homes Network

Photography work for the Energy Saving Trust's Green Homes Network initiative

The Energy Saving Trust were in the process of creating case study videos for their Green Homes Network initiative when I was hired to provide stills photography of the two properties which were to feature in the videos for use on their website and advertising/promotional material.
Client - Energy Saving Trust (via Heehaw)
Photography - Iona Spence
Mr Sherring's Passivhaus
The Wood Store
Mr Sherring Fueling the Stove
The Wood Burning Stove fuels the whole house
Solar Panels provide the house with all its electricity
Mr Helme.  He has been using green energy technology since the 1980s
Mr Helme's Retrofit Farmhouse
Solar Panels provide electricity and hot water
Mr Helme keeps an accurate record of his energy use and production

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