Commando Spirit

Marnie's Story. A promotional video for Commando Spirit's Survive The Yomp event

Client:  Commando Spirit 
Production Company: Heehaw
Edit: Iona Spence
I worked with Heehaw to edit ‘Marnie’s Story’, a video to promote Commando Spirit’s Survive the Yomp challenge event and encourage people to sign up to take part.  My brief was very open ended and I had creative control over how to approach the edit.  As the intended output was across their social media channels I felt it was important to create a video which grabbed peoples attention, while still staying true to the Commando Spirit brand.  Dramatic music, a pacey edit and short soundbites were used to attract and maintain attention as well as to create the challenge atmosphere.  I also cut the introduction to the video to work as a standalone 15 second teaser which could be used across all social media channels.

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